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We’ve all experienced that okay sex. It’s not bad, it’s not great. It’s just okay. It’s better than no sex. I finally went to abercrombie’s place. He followed all the right moves. He offered to go out and rent a video, or make some food, or we could start a movie, or watch what was on tv. I hate when guys invite you over a first time under a ruse and then don’t pretend to follow it. He pretended to follow it. We watched tv and hung out, and finally began making out, and then taking our cloths off. I went down on him for a bit, and he really enjoyed it. Men need to learn to make noises when they get blow jobs, because like abercrombie, those are then men you want to go down on again. Also men in England, or most places besides the USA, men are mostly not circumcised . In the states almost all guys you meet are, so it has been funny living in London and meeting a good deal of uncircumcised penis’s. I’ve decided I like them more. The men seem more sensitive, and there’s more to play with.

Bath in Budapest!

We finally got to the sex, and it turns out he has a problem cumming. I’ve met a few guys like this in my past, and I always feel bad for them. Women we’re used to it, but men aren’t. Now that I usually get off I get pissed when it doesn’t happen for me. The sex was okay, but the condom kept falling off. This was super frustrating since I am overly protective of my vagina. Also during foreplay, before he has a condom on, he always tries to rub it near my vag. When I get antsy he is always saying “It’s not going in”. I don’t care if it is. Until a condom is on your penis, don’t have it touching my vagina. There are std’s in the world, and semen slip ups, and I don’t want to take any chances. I don’t care if that annoys men, but I’m sorry if I girl sets a limit or a rule, follow it.

He wasn’t a good cuddler either. I personally love to cuddle, and he has never had a real relationship, so he doesn’t know how. He was one of those men who sleep with their back to you. That always annoys me, and it makes it hard for me to sleep. Though in the morning when he took a shower and came back wet in just a towel I knew why I was there. The sex is just okay, but the naked body is so worth it. I love having sex with a man whose body is enough to keep me turned on. To have dirty thoughts about.

Soon our dating declined. I think we realize everything we had between us was lust, and once we had sex we realized even that was only okay. I also realized nice as he was, he was dumb as shit. There was nothing to talk about. Since then we’ve become sex friends. I’ve told him about the other guys I’m dating, and he gives me advice and we occasionally have sex. Sometimes we sneak off to the bathroom at our spinning group and give each other oral, which has led to us being trapped in the bathroom when a line forms, and then having to awkwardly exit with everyone giving us dirty looks. I realized that much like a favorite song of mine “I like you so much better when you’re naked”, and that “You’re so sexy, but you’re not really special”.

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Now there have always been a multitude of interesting positions that one can attempt, but there are certain ones that one will always find more enjoyable. I find that with each guy I have sex with a pattern arises with the kind of sex we have, and the positions we do. Now this is not really a bad thing, and I’m not saying that there is a lack of creativity in the bedroom. You could try every position in the book, and I’ve attempted a great many, but a great deal will leave you disappointed and sore. I’ve found the ones that always please me.

It seems every person in Central Park takes their wedding photo here.

First is obvious, girl on top. Now my fav is to be on top facing him, and laying against his chest. It rubs my clit in the correct way, and if he adds in some dirty talk I’m going to have an orgasm. Normal cowgirl is great, and reverse is always fun. I like to lean back when I reverse it.

Now there are many different things you can do when on bottom. I like to keep my knees up as far as possible, grab his ass, and make him go hard and fast. It’s also great if he puts my legs over his shoulders. I’ve found that having both legs over his shoulder is easier than just one, so if you’re not quite as flexible stick with that. I always find my legs in the air rather comical, but it feels good. It’s also great if the guy gets on his knees, and you keep your pelvis hoisted up. It is also a life saver if your boyfriend only has an air mattress.

Next you have your doggy style. I like to lower my chest as far to the ground as possible for maximum feel good.  I also really love to get into spooning position, and go hard and fast. For the most part I like it hard and fast except when first entering, and sometimes when I’m on top and focused on getting my O. Though varying speed is always enjoyable. Men learn to tease your woman occasionally during sex, it makes climaxing that much more fun. Now these were good old basics. There are many other great positions out there, but there’s also a lot of squatting over a guy and trying to go up and down and one minute in your muscles hate you.

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If you have trouble getting your O, or giving it to your lady, then this is a post for you. It took me a while to have my first orgasm, but after a few months with the man that took my V card I finally achieved it.

Central Park is a wonderful place. And I just thought this scene going down was adorable.

Now my first suggestion is a duh, girl on top, but an even more helpful way is for the lady on top to lay flat against the man. Chest to chest. This help gets everything on the outside a bit more stimulation. Also dirty talk! If I don’t have a bit of dirty talk my mind can sometimes wander. Instead of thinking about sex I could be thinking about big bird or jello. And now I’m craving jello. Dirty talk keeps a girls mind in the moment. Find out what truly turns you on, and make the guy tell you about it.

But my number one suggestion that can help to get almost any girl off, is a vibrating cock ring. On top with this you are sure to get off, and the only time I have come on bottom has been with one of these. Men it feels good for you as well, and it doesn’t mean you’re any less manly, it just means you’re smarter than most guys. It’s just another form of survival of the fittest.

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