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We’ve all experienced that okay sex. It’s not bad, it’s not great. It’s just okay. It’s better than no sex. I finally went to abercrombie’s place. He followed all the right moves. He offered to go out and rent a video, or make some food, or we could start a movie, or watch what was on tv. I hate when guys invite you over a first time under a ruse and then don’t pretend to follow it. He pretended to follow it. We watched tv and hung out, and finally began making out, and then taking our cloths off. I went down on him for a bit, and he really enjoyed it. Men need to learn to make noises when they get blow jobs, because like abercrombie, those are then men you want to go down on again. Also men in England, or most places besides the USA, men are mostly not circumcised . In the states almost all guys you meet are, so it has been funny living in London and meeting a good deal of uncircumcised penis’s. I’ve decided I like them more. The men seem more sensitive, and there’s more to play with.

Bath in Budapest!

We finally got to the sex, and it turns out he has a problem cumming. I’ve met a few guys like this in my past, and I always feel bad for them. Women we’re used to it, but men aren’t. Now that I usually get off I get pissed when it doesn’t happen for me. The sex was okay, but the condom kept falling off. This was super frustrating since I am overly protective of my vagina. Also during foreplay, before he has a condom on, he always tries to rub it near my vag. When I get antsy he is always saying “It’s not going in”. I don’t care if it is. Until a condom is on your penis, don’t have it touching my vagina. There are std’s in the world, and semen slip ups, and I don’t want to take any chances. I don’t care if that annoys men, but I’m sorry if I girl sets a limit or a rule, follow it.

He wasn’t a good cuddler either. I personally love to cuddle, and he has never had a real relationship, so he doesn’t know how. He was one of those men who sleep with their back to you. That always annoys me, and it makes it hard for me to sleep. Though in the morning when he took a shower and came back wet in just a towel I knew why I was there. The sex is just okay, but the naked body is so worth it. I love having sex with a man whose body is enough to keep me turned on. To have dirty thoughts about.

Soon our dating declined. I think we realize everything we had between us was lust, and once we had sex we realized even that was only okay. I also realized nice as he was, he was dumb as shit. There was nothing to talk about. Since then we’ve become sex friends. I’ve told him about the other guys I’m dating, and he gives me advice and we occasionally have sex. Sometimes we sneak off to the bathroom at our spinning group and give each other oral, which has led to us being trapped in the bathroom when a line forms, and then having to awkwardly exit with everyone giving us dirty looks. I realized that much like a favorite song of mine “I like you so much better when you’re naked”, and that “You’re so sexy, but you’re not really special”.

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So blow jobs are often the bane of every woman’s existence. I have never had much problem with them before, until recently. I like oral as an appetizer to sex, but not the main course. Recently though I began dating my sexy older man. At first he pleased me a bunch because it seemed like he was a guy who just wanted to go down on a girl a ton. Yay. Sometimes though the oral began going on for too long. I like oral like any girl, but at some point if I haven’t come yet, I’m not going to and instead I’m bored.

New MexicoThen he started wanting blow jobs to go on forever. He also has a very large penis which makes this more aggravating. He also asks for blow jobs by asking if you will “kiss him”. Something is irksome about that, but it is better than a guy who pushes your head toward their dick. Those guys my friends and I say we will never blow.

At some point during blowing him I would finally beg him to fuck me, but instead he just wanted to finish off orally. This is especially true for when we were doing 69. I know hardly any women who actually enjoy 69. The position is awkward and slightly gross. I would rather take turns, and honestly I don’t even notice what is going on with my vagina when I am trying to suck someone else off.

Luckily this has all gotten a bit better, and we’ve found a happy medium. But it just sucks when a man who is terrific at sex and who has a huge penis just wants oral because then we women just feel like we’re missing out.

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Now it’s been a while since I’ve been in a long term relationship, so I haven’t gotten to use sex toys like I used to. Asking a guy you’ve just started sleeping with to wear a vibrating cock ring could be a little intimidating, but now I am just itching to get back into playing with toys.

Coney Island!

My ex and I used to use vibrating cock rings from time to time, and we both loved it. I know you men are often against adding a vibrator to the mix because you think it says something about how good you are in bed, but it doesn’t. My ex was the best fuck I had ever had in my life, and always made me cum, but the vibrating cock ring just brought to a whole new level. Plus using it was the only way I could cum on bottom as well. Also men, it feels good for you as well. Once you try it you’ll see what I’m talking about, it’s not only for our pleasure.

Now I have found a new sex toy that I am dying to try and that is an oral vibrator known as the Tongue Joy. This little vibrator can be put on a rubber band that comes with it, and put on your tongue. Pleasure for both men and women. I have read people who say it’s hard to keep on your tongue, but this doesn’t make me not want to try it still. I would kill to be eaten out with one of these things. Even the idea of giving a blow job with this device is a turn on.

Next item I want to try are these heart shaped breast massagers. I love having my nipples licked, sucked on, nibbled. So this sounds like it would just add to my pleasure (plus I’ve never been one for nipple clamps). These just suction on to your breasts, and then they have vibrators in them. Now doesn’t that sound fun?

Heart Shaped Breast Massager

Introducing sex toys into sex with someone new can be difficult. Hopefully when the British guy I was seeing gets back into town I can coerce him into trying some of these items with me. I’ll let you know how it goes. If anyone has used these items, please let me know what you thought. Or if you have any more items to suggest let me know.

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For a long time I was not a huge fan of being eaten out. Now I enjoyed it to a moderate degree, but it wasn’t something I necessarily cared about. I was always a girl who like to be fingered. Now times have changed. My last boyfriend became amazing at oral while we were dating, and now I still love being eaten out. Most guys though still don’t know the best ways to go down on a woman. So here are some simple suggestions (because it’s not rocket science):

Tom Otterness is the man.

Be light and teasing. Now I know you men always seem to think the harder the better, and hey I love a good pounding in bed, but my vagina does not need to be pounded by your tongue. Honestly it’s when the tongue is so light it is hardly even touching my clit that I am close to coming. Yes you can briefly suck on it, and such, but for the most part a light touch goes a long way.

Change it up. If you keep doing the same thing for a while I don’t care how good it felt at first, I am going to get bored. Then my mind will start to wander, and next thing you know I’ll be thinking about what I had for dinner, and not about what you’re eating down there. Take a pause to kiss the inside of my legs or to run your tongue (lightly) around the outer bits of my lady parts.

Please more than anything WIPE OFF YOUR MOUTH! I am sorry, but while I love how wet oral makes me down there, and how ready I then am for sex, I do not need to kiss you when you’re covered in my fluids. There is an episode of Sex and the City devoted to this for a reason.

Now that you know my suggestions for pleasing a woman orally go out and prosper.

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So it’s my fourth date with this guy. He’s Dominican and 30 and very sexy. Our date is very awkward, we go to see a concert and one of his friends comes along, and I feel like I’m the third wheel. When he drove me home things started getting better, but it’s Tuesday and he has work early in the morning. Every time we hang out he has an early morning or something of the sort. He always tells me how much he wants to see me again though. When he was dropping me off I started telling him that we should hang out on the weekend when he doesn’t have an early morning. He finally gets the idea and asks if I want him to sleep over, and I tell him yes.

How can anyone not love Washington Square Park?

We go inside and it’s very awkward at first. We start to fool around and all is going well. Then I find out that his dick is huge, and while this seems like it would be a good thing it was not. I felt half the time like it was too far in. He also fucked so hard half the time that near the end like he was a jackhammer just going away at me. I like fast, hard, and rough sex, but this was too much. Also working off of some else’s vibe is important. If I seem to not enjoy it as much when you are that rough back off.

My other complaint is that I hate when guys kiss you and don’t seem to ever pull their lips away. Sometimes you want a little breather from kissing but they are on top and won’t seem to pull away and when you are trying to almost push them off. I have found that hotter guys tend to be worse at sex. Guys with less looks seem to have learned more because they have always felt more need to be good at sex.

The sex with him was just making me plain sore, so I told him and hurried up his coming. He kept begging me to let him suck my toes, but I hate people touching my feet EVER. I might let him when I’m drunk. I also nicely let him know that the sex was a bit rough for my enjoyment. While I say things nicely, and I don’t tell things straight out (like that sex made me want to just say GET OFF ME) I believe you need to tell guys if there is a problem or it will never be fixed. Usually I say things like ” I really like it when you…” so they do what I like and stop what I don’t like, but this was an extreme case. Next time I plan to be drunk for the sex, and maybe I’ll like it more.

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Foot Fetish Fun?

Now I understand people being attracted to different things is completely normal, but there are some fetishes that I just don’t understand. I was on a date last night and somehow my feet came up. I think it was when he was joking about giving me a foot rub and I mentioned about how I can’t stand people touching my feet. Like I kick people when they attempt to touch my feet. Pedicures take a lot of concentration and tolerance for me.

Still loving Central Park.This somehow led to discussing foot fetishes which I began making fun of, and making UGGGHHH noises. Finally it came out that he actually had a foot fetish. I don’t know who felt more embarrassed, him or me. Now I’m sorry but I just don’t understand why anyone would want to suck on another person’s toe. If anyone can explain this to me please do. I can understand why I don’t want someone sucking on my toe, because I just hate other people touching my feet, but why would anyone want to suck on another person’s foot. To me it just sounds disgusting. Maybe I just haven’t experienced it, because I know that I was always grossed out by the thought of someone putting a finger in my ass, and I love that (though I would never be willing to do it to someone else, eewww).

Please someone try to explain this fetish to me, or maybe let me know some of your fetishes.

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