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Now I have never been a fan of the idea of food sex. I love food. And I love sex, but the idea of combining to two just seemed like a messy idea that probably would sound better than it would be. This I have found is not actually the case. Now the key I have learned is in moderation. If you cover large portions of yourself in whip cream your just going to end up sticky and gross, but if you use it in moderation it can be a lot of tasty fun.

Washington Square Park

This new guy and I decided on the spur of the moment to have some fun with whip cream. We picked up a can on the way back to his place. There we fooled around on the couch and the floor, and using the whip cream. He would squirt just a dab of it on my nipple and eat it off. Or make a a happy trail on me and eat it all the way down. Now the key hear was using just a little bit at a time. I would do the same to him. Just put a little in your partner’s erogenous zone and lick it off. It’s a lot of fun.

He actually lived with his parents though, and the next day he had to explain to his mom why he had a bottle of whip cream in his room, and a condom wrapper in his pant’s pocket.

This experience also reminded me of the crazy food sex ideas my friends and I would come up with when we were just dirty minded kids. The top two were masturbating with a candy bar, which would make you taste good if a guy ate you out after. The other was to get hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and put them on a guys penis and eat them off . Makes for an interesting and tasty start to a blow job. To be clear I’ve never actually tried either of these, they were just wild ideas. But if you do try them let me know how it goes.

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Masturbation is an art form. Each person has to master their own perfect art of it. The great thing is that there is no judgement if you do the same thing every time. You are not in a rut, or boring. You know what gets you off and you do it.

I love public art!

I always imagine very dirty situations, and hump a pillow. Ya I know a bit odd, but I’ve done it since I was a kid. Usually they are somewhat rape like situations (don’t judge me, you do the same thing). Now I have gotten into reading erotic stories. I just google sex fantasy stories and go to town. Usually I read stories in the BDSM section, or even the torture section of some sites. That may sound fucked up, but we are all turned on by something. The funny thing is that people are usually turned on by something they are unwilling to try.

I always get off when I’m having sex and a guy starts telling me how he wants to fuck me up the ass without my consent. I have never had anal sex, and really never want to, but there is something so sexy in dirtiness of it that it turns me on. I don’t even want to try it because I feel like it will ruin the fantasy of it. I couldn’t have guys whisper to me about it because it would no longer be the thing I hadn’t tried ( I have had a finger up the butt though).

My advice to people who want better masturbation is to find what their dirty little out of bounds turn on is, and then to read a bunch of dirty stories to it while grinding against something, and when they are fully turned on to go and make their own story up while getting them self fully off.

Hope it works for you. By the way, what are your dirty turn ons that you haven’t (or won’t ever) tried?

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When I was a kid I masturbated a lot, but I never knew what I was actually doing. I would sneak my father’s Playboy’s out from under his bed, and into my room (I’m straight for the most part, but they still turned me on). And I would use my tried and true method of humping a pillow. This is one of those things that will always make me blush. I don’t know why this is my chosen method, but to this day it still is.

Sexy ladies at the Met.

I’ve tried vibrators and such before, but I still stick with what I know. I’ve even tried the one where you lay in the bathtub under the faucet, and while it was nice it didn’t get me off. For some reason rubbing up on my pillow always works like a charm. I always create a dirty fantasy, usually one where I’m forced into intercourse (again don’t know why this is a turn on since I never want that to happen in real life). If anyone else has an interesting way of getting off that they would like to share, please do. I may even try it out.

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